A brief description of the case

Students are given a legal case or topic from which to search for cases and decisions. Students then prepare a written brief of that case. The student may also share that brief with the rest of the class in some way.

A brief description of the case

Do you like helping people get through tough times? Do you have a compassionate heart and critical thinking mind? Then you might be a great case manager. Also called social and human service assistants, case managers help people who are in difficult situations with advice, figure out what kind of help they need, help them find the services they need, create plans for treatment or recovery, work with other health and human service providers, and keep tabs on client's progress with treatment plans.

Case managers may work for or in concert with a social workerpsychologist or similar health and human service authority.

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Case managers work in many aspects of people's lives, and may work with children and families, senior citizens, those with disabilities, recovering addicts, the mentally ill, immigrants, ex-offenders or the homeless.

Each of these jobs have their own specific needs and requirements.

A brief description of the case

It's possible to start as a case manager with a high school diploma, but a lot of employers will prefer applicants with more education, such as an associate's degree or bachelor's degree in human services, gerontology, or social work.

Case managers need to talk with clients and understand their needs. You will also need to speak with others on your client's behalf, and act as an advocate for them.


Good listening skills, and speaking in an understandable way and being a good communicator is crucial. Case managers will be working with people who are sometimes in dire situations or going through difficult transitions.

Being compassionate to their situation and working with them in a positive way will help them make good forward strides. Time-Management and Organizational Skills: Case managers have multiple clients with various needs and are in various stages of need. There is a lot of paperwork that will need to be filled out and you will be working with government officials, as well as other workers.

You will need to be organized and efficient with your time. Clients are looking for someone to help them find solutions to their problems.

A brief description of the case

You will need to think critically and clearly about their situations to find solutions.The fact section of a good student brief will include the following elements: A one-sentence description of the nature of the case, to serve as an introduction.

A statement of the relevant law, with quotation marks or underlining to draw attention to the key words or phrases that are in dispute. For a brief description of the concept of “courtly love”, a few characteristics must be highlighted.

Courtly love appeared in Provence (southern France) in the eleventh century.

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It consists on the expression of love in its most sincere, chivalric and noble form. Case managers work in many aspects of people's lives, and may work with children and families, senior citizens, those with disabilities, recovering addicts, the mentally ill, . en The presiding member summarizes the nature of the complaint, confirms that time limits and notice requirements have been met, offers a reminder of the applicable burden of proof, names the parties and provides a brief description of the case and of the Tribunal's task.

Voir dire is the process by which members of the community selected to become potential jurors in a specific case are questioned and selected for a particular case.

How to brief a case

In a capital case, voir dire is split into two phases: the general voir dire phase and the death qualification phase. A Brief Description of the Federal Criminal Justice Process.

In the case of federal offenses that are colloquially known as white-collar crimes (e.g., violations of the federal securities laws.

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