An analysis of platos dividend line

This is because I am afraid that unless we take thought while there is yet time, a far worse thing than either socialism or capitalism may come to us—a social catastrophe which may mean wreckage of all that we have taken so long to build. What I mean is that there may be forces let loose upon us which will get beyond the control of those who set them in motion. Plans for social betterment which originate in the best motives may be hurried forward so fast, with so little mature consideration as to break the ranks of society.

An analysis of platos dividend line

Spains two main political parties have agreed to reform the Constitution in an effort to rein in public spending. Who stands to benefit? And why was nobody asked?

An analysis of platos dividend line

Reforming the Constitution is a guaranteed way to open up a thousand and one debates about democracy in Spain. The referendum, in which the current Constitution was approved, was a turning point at a major crossroads in the political life of a country that aspired to be close to Europe, improve the quality of life of its citizens and take on the process of transitioning to democracy under the guidance of a parliamentary monarchy.

To think that reforming the Constitution now is the only way to control the deficit is probably a reflection of the need for a renewal of the policies of the political parties, not necessarily generational change. The question is poignant: Is a reform of the Constitution the only strategy to guarantee the budget stability of the public administrations?

An analysis of platos dividend line

And does stability necessarily mean control? It cannot be denied that the debate has been intense, although greater consensus among political parties would have been useful to ensure a more representative decision. The rest of the political parties, which, we should not forget, also represent citizens, were mere witnesses to those who, in the name of representation, have taken decisions that affect all of Spanish society.

Most people agree on the need to urgently boost the economy of the country. But critics of the constitutional reform have valid arguments. Firstly, because the agreement was only between the PSOE and the PP, leaving aside the other smaller political parties. Secondly, the speed of the reform that has made impossible a deep and critical debate among citizens and in parliament about the repercussions of controlling the deficit with the Constitution compared to other alternatives such as a new law.

The representative democracy exercised in Congress and the Senate is based on analysis, reflection, consultation, debate and voting: And lastly, because of the perception that the reform is being carried out to placate the markets and sectors of the economy: So what about the opinion of citizens?

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Democracy is exercised through public debate. Why are citizens opinions considered important on some issues while with others the representation provided by Congress representatives is sufficient? Are there no other articles of the Constitution that need to be reformed? What are the limits of members of parliament in representing citizens?

What will be the content of the reform? If Spaniards dont like it, how can we go about reforming the Constitution again? Will the reform contribute to improving the lives of citizens or just the lives of those who need a guarantee to maintain the interest of European and international markets?

Time will make the consequences evident, but for the moment it is worth looking at the planned changes to Article of the Constitution.

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As the Spanish government deals with ever higher interest rates on its debt, investors fear it could be the next eurozone economy to require an emergency bailout. Further pressure on European governments to act over the debt crisis is sure to follow a meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank heads in Paris this weekend.

But little is expected in the way of concrete plans, given that the talks are taking place just nine days before a makeor-break EU summit in Cannes.


Mr Berlusconi claimed his government was the only credible option to get the country through the sovereign debt crisis - despite warnings from the Bank of Italy governor that recent deficit reduction plans do not go far enough.

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