Cambridge university personal statement computer science

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Cambridge university personal statement computer science

Cambridge university personal statement computer science

This article is over 9 years old Jane, 17, spent two days crafting her personal statement on her university application form this year. She was applying for a place at Cambridge University to study history.

It took four drafts for her to be happy enough to send it off. She might as well have spared herself the bother. Parks said students now receive so much help — from their teachers or from websites that offer to write the statements — that universities cannot tell whether a student has written any of it.

I have been told by students after they have been admitted that their schools write the personal statements. References from teachers do not count for much either, Parks added.

Search form The dining hall at King's College By the late 12th century, the Cambridge region already had a scholarly and ecclesiastical reputation, due to monks from the nearby bishopric church of Ely. However, it was an incident at Oxford which is most likely to have formed the establishment of the university:

Teachers have stopped writing anything interesting or controversial now that students can demand to see what they have written. Cambridge judges students on their grades and predicted grades instead, Parks said. Jane, who does not want to give her full name, said: They should be able to differentiate between those who wrote their personal statements with genuine passion, and those who simply got someone else to do it for them.

And Smith said a teacher at an independent school had told him:Do you think I have a chance of entering Cambridge University for Law based on my personal statement?

Personal Statements by University

What do UK universities look for on a personal statement? What makes an excellent UCAS personal statement if I want to get into Cambridge? joining my group. I am seeking students at all levels with strong quantitative backgrounds interested in foundational problems at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and computer science.

Computer Science in Cambridge has always been practised as an engineering discipline as well as being founded in mathematics. A team led by Maurice Wilkes designed and built one of the earliest digital computers, EDSAC, in the late s. Personal Statements by University. B. Bath - Aeronautical Engineering - Anthropology - Business and Management - Chemistry - Computer Science - Computer Science with Mathematics - Economics - International Relations - International Relations with Politics - Management Cambridge - Anthropology - Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

To what extent does the personal statement form the basis of the interview at Cambridge? That depends very much on the subject. Typically science and maths interviews will make very little reference to it, while subjects that applicants usually haven’t taken at A-level might refer to it more.

Not sure how to write your personal statement? Sam Lucy, the Admissions Tutor at Newnham College, Cambridge shares some invaluable information in this interview.

these answers give you a very good idea of the place that your personal statement plays in your university application. Typically science and maths interviews will make .

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