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It is a powerful predictor of behaviour, as a woman often shifts her behaviour to play out the role that gives more favourable self evaluation. A characteristic very distinctively seen in a collectivist society like India is that irrespective of qualifications and professional background, marriage, child rearing and elder care take precedence over career identity and career advancement for women. Very often women opt for career breaks even when they have access to child-care and family support. Severe guilt when faced with the family versus career conundrum, often forces a woman to make a trade-off in favour of time with family.

Career woman

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. I work in a culture where hour days and weekends are the norm, where a "9 to 5" sounds like a dream. After the initial shock and a lot of readinghere is what I learned and wished that I knew before going down a path of being completely career-focused so early on in my career.

Work is really hard. In law school, I thought that I would work really hard now so that I would work less and less over time. My dad was a dentist and my brother is a doctor. Over time, medical professionals work less. This is not the case for Corporate America, nor is it the case for lawyers or other business professionals.

The work takes on a life of its own.

Career woman

This works out OK for some people and not for others. There is no such thing as work-life balance. In careers like law, private equity and other corporate professions that are prestigious and demanding, work-life balance does not exist.

Career woman

This is worth repeating: You will be one of very few women in your work environment. These types of careers lend themselves to male-heavy institutions.

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You may have been surrounded by females in graduate school, but this will not be the case in your career. For example, as ofonly Male coworkers hate seeing you cry at work.

When you cry at work, it makes your male coworkers feel awkward at best and incredibly uncomfortable and judgmental at worst. Something to think about. You will go from being in school where no one is married to your job, where everyone is married.

Men who you meet socially will not necessarily love your success they may even be intimidated by it. Remember the bell curve? If you focus solely on your career, then it will excel, leaving your relationships stagnant.Your Career, Your Way – Book About Lisa Quast Lisa Quast is founder and CEO of Career Woman, Inc., and the author of the award-winning book "Your Career, Your Way: Personal Strategies to Achieve Your Career Aspirations".

A woman who’s worked in venture capital for 25 years shares her best career advice — and why it was worth being the first and only woman on her team when she started out.

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A career woman is a woman with a career who is interested in working in her job, rather than staying at home looking after the house and children. American English: career woman Brazilian Portuguese: mulher com profissão liberal.

She also revealed the advice she gives to women: "The most important career choice you'll make is who you marry. I have an awesome husband, and we're 50/" She spoke passionately about how there.

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