Child development observation paper

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Child development observation paper

This makes the child to focus more on the appearance of an object or image. This explains why A. He believes that the car represents their family car.

Child development observation paper

Assimilation enables a child to process information and develops a mental representation of materials from personal interaction with the environment. The boy in this case has managed to successfully develop a mental representation of what a house is through assimilation. With this sensual perception, A.

He has painted the house brown, perhaps because he was attempting to come up with the paint of the buildings at Kid Care Child Development Centre. Piaget developed the concept of egocentrism. With this concept, he attempted to explain the fact that as children gain psychological and cognitive maturity, there tends to be a belief in them that the entire universe revolves around them.

The child therefore responds to his environment in his own unique way and does not see the world as someone else may perceive and adapt to it. This is reflected in the way the boy, A. It is this egocentric perception that makes him draw the pictures, paint and even name them in his own way without much involvement of the teacher.

Children are capable of learning through their own constructions. This is made possible through the use of symbols. He has painted the car in a color that, according to him, represents their family car. Although he may not be very accurate in his decoration of objects, this is a clear indication of advancement in cognitive skills development.A Case Study about Child Development Lucas is almost four years old and lives with his mom and dad in a house in the country.

His father is a train engineer and spends a few days a week on the rails while his mother stays at. Teachers day celebration essay writing.

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Below you will find a child observation of a 21 month old. What child development skills you can expect will be mastered between these ages." See more.

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