Classroom observation paper

How to Write an Observation Report for a Classroom By Laurie Rappeport ; Updated June 28, How to Write an Observation Report for a Classroom With the concerns about the state of education today, many education public policymakers see a need for increased supervision of schools. They suggest more classroom observation as a way to refine teachers' skills and strengthen the activities in classrooms throughout the country.

Classroom observation paper

Contact Author Children are so interesting that it's easy to get distracted. Asking the right questions before you begin an observation will help you stay focused on what is really important. The following sample study that I completed for my child development class will cover everything that you need to complete this task.

He has blue eyes and has fine, short blonde hair. He has almond-shaped eyes and a very light complexion.

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He is sitting on the floor in his living room which is sparsely furnished with two couches and a television. The room is very comfortable, and it appears it was furnished with his comfort and safety in mind. Child-Caregiver Interaction Is there any adult interaction with the newborn? What behavioral states affect the infant-caregiver relationship?

Ryon is sitting on the floor with his toys around him. His mother sits on the floor next to him, and he begins to hand his mother a series of toys. He is interested in the reaction of his mother as he hands her his blocks, one by one.

Ryon leans forward, grabs a block, and gives it to his mother.

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He watches her face and sort of drops his mouth open as he waits for her reaction. She then tells him the letter and color on the block.

Classroom observation paper

He nods his head forward, reaches his arm out, and proceeds to pick up another block. After picking up five blocks and handing them to his mother, he then crawls across the floor to a toy car and pushes it for a moment.

He looks up at his mother to see what she is doing and pushes the car toward her. She continues to watch him even when he is interested in a toy or moving away from her. He does check to see if she is paying attention to him as he plays. His mother starts picking up toys and organizing the room, and he periodically goes over to her and becomes interested in what she is doing.

Ryon seems very dependent on his mother's mood. He smiles when she smiles, and if she is distracted, he wants to obtain her attention and appears to gauge and react to her facial expressions. It seems that their relationship is positive, and his mother is very attentive.INTRODUCTION: The topic for this observation paper is an elementary classroom setting.

A second grade teacher and her class were observed for about one hour. I chose this subject because I currently attend school for elementary education, and because second grade is one of the grades that I am 5/5(6). Using the Classroom Observation Instrument for Educational Environments Serving Students with Deaf-Blindness in Order to Assist Low Incidence Classrooms - Using the Classroom Observation Instrument for RDG Week 5 Individual Assignment Classroom Observation Paper - RDG Week 5 Individual Assignment Classroom Observation The setup of the classroom had four round tables with six seats for the capacity of 24 students in total.

The round tables were placed as a ā€˜Uā€™ with the opening towards the front of the Classroom Observation Paper Keri D Marceaux RDG/ February 13, Julie Smith Classroom Observation Paper I had the privilege of interviewing and observing the third grade teacher and Forked Island E.

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Broussard in Vermillion parish. Mrs. Helen Conner is a reading and language arts teacher and has been for the last 20 years. Given a classroom observation, the student will diagram the physical arrangement of the classroom: seating ; arrangements, learning centers, blackboards, bulletin boards, closets,etc.

The student will note the schedule of activities for the da on each observation is made. /5(16).

Classroom observation paper

View Essay - Classroom Observations Reflection Paper from EDU at Wake Forest University. Reflection #3 Classroom Observations I have been shadowing in 67%(6).

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