Dependent personality disorders essay

April, Threatened by self-reliance, they take shelter in submission. To be sure, people need people. We survive as social creatures. Mental health is partly defined by strong emotional attachments to the people we love and a supple interdependence.

Dependent personality disorders essay

McGraw Hill Companies, Inc. Mark Barron feels a deep need to be cared for by his sister. Since his own thoughts and feelings are displeasing to Carol, he quashes them and listens to what she says.

Since early childhood, his sister had always gotten what she wanted. He was used to it, and scared of her disapproval, and therefore always gave in to her. She convinced him into sedating Irena, going along with the plan and keeping silent all the years, although he was unhappy about it.

He submitted to her unreasonable demands, and allowed himself to be exploited by her. He clung to her and did everything she said because he deeply feared her rejection. These are all symptoms of Dependant Personality Disorder. Fortunately, towards the end of the story he helps himself out of this mess when his sister sends him down to California with instructions to kill Irena.

All of these years he had felt guilty about what had happened and now he finally decides to come clean.

Dependent personality disorders essay

He tells Irena the truth, and he moves to a faraway country where he can live in peace, away from his harmful sister and her effect on him.

This illustrates how a person afflicted with DPD can eventually overcome it. Dependent personality disorder wiki Dependent personality disorderformerly known as asthenic personality disorder, is a personality disorder that is characterized by a pervasive psychological dependence on other people.

Great Ideas in Personality--Personality Disorders

This personality disorder is a long-term condition in which people depend too much on others toPeople diagnosed with dependent personality disorder have an overpowering need to be watched over or cared for by other people, including parents, spouses, grown children, close friends with strong personalities, or members of their extended families.

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specifically for you for only $/page. Order now. More Essay Examples on. as high as 70 – . Dependent personality disorder is also commonly co-diagnosed with mood disorders, anxiety disorders and two other personality disorders called avoidant and histrionic personality disorder.

Dependent Personality Disorder Essays

People with avoidant personalities are shy, easily hurt by disapproval or criticism and tend to avoid jobs or activities involving contact with others. People with dependent personality disorder depend heavily on relationships for support.

This is always accompanied by an intense fear of separation – so much so that the dependent person is willing to go to any length to maintain these relationships.


A dependent personality disorder test is the first step towards recovery. This test takes only 2 minutes of your time and gives direct results. This test takes only 2 minutes of your time and gives direct results. An individual with dependent personality disorder will struggle to make decisions without the input of the person they have become dependent upon.

At first, this may be limited to major decisions, such as where to attend college or which car to buy. Eventually, however, the problem could affect.

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