Happy tree friends

Again, Toothy fell from a tree and is now stuck with the nerve of his eye on a branch. This time, you have to grab Toothy in order to

Happy tree friends

Happy Tree Friends

Disco Bear from Rink Hijinks Appearance: Flaky is one of the most popular characters in the series and has the identifiable personality of being a very shy and timid character ever since she had a traumatic childhood event.

She is also afraid of chicks as seen in From A to Zooand as evidenced in Snow Place to Goshe may also have necrophobia fear of death. Flaky has often been viewed as a coward. However Flaky's actions in both the internet shorts and the TV series go against this as she has been brave and on several occasions saved her own life.

Additionally, when hanging around with CuddlesFlaky is often forcefully dragged into situations that lead to one or both of their demises, despite her warning Cuddles about possible dangers that could occur as seen in Water You Wading ForLet it SlideThe Wrong Side of the Tracks and Wingin' It.

Her deaths tend to involve either getting skinned, burned, or eaten. Flaky is a helpful character, as evidenced by a couple of the TV episodes. All these factors suggest that Flaky is not only overly cautious as opposed to being a cowardbut also one of the more kind characters of the series; for example, daring to organize a surprise birthday party for Flippya character who is well-known for being mentally unstable.

However, as seen in the episode Snow Place to Go she is somewhat unstable herself - near the end of the episode, she begins to go insane and makes a companion with a garden gnome, singing "Rock-A-Bye Baby" to it after being trapped in the Arctic with no food or civilization.

In Party Animalit is revealed that she is allergic to peanuts, as she gets a purple rash, big lips, and bloats like a balloon. She also has a fear of flying, and is prone to vomiting.

The fact she is a porcupine often causes trouble - her quills often impale other characters and destroy objects unintentionally. Because of her quills, Flippy even once used her as a weapon with which he killed Cuddles in Keepin' it Reel.

Also, she is sometimes skinned, as in Class Act and Let it Slidewhen she falls down a tight space, her quills stick-out when going down. When she comes out of the other end, her muscles are exposed.

The excessive dandruff has sometimes been exploited by other characters. In the Second Serving DVD, she was given her own breakfast cereal called Flaky Flakes, which resemble cornflakes with red and white pieces mixed in.

Happy tree friends

Her dandruff is also used to create a snowing effect for a play in Class Act. Flaky's first and third kills were done after she herself has been killed. In the episode, Rink Hijinkswhen Disco Bear pushes her, she falls onto Lumpy's floor buffer, causing her quills to fly out of control and pierce Disco Bear to death.

In Party Animalafter she got popped like a balloon by The Mole, her quills pinned him to the wall.

Happy tree friends

Her second kill is from Let it Slidebecause Lumpy accidentally turned off the water, she loses her quills all over the water slide, separates the water slide, and later on, when Cuddles slides down, he is sliced in two by the separated slide; due to this, it is assumed Flaky caused Cuddles' death.

In Party Animalshe even organized a surprise birthday party for him. However, her friendship with Flippy has led to her death several times because of Flippy's flip-outs.

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Interestingly, in Party AnimalFlippy did not kill Flaky even though she instigated the flip-out. Because Flaky is so close to Flippy many fans believe that she may have a crush on him.happy tree friends slap happy free download - Happy Tree Friends Video, Happy Tree of Friends Match 3, Dynamite - Happy Tree Friends edition, and many more programs.

Happy Tree Friends: Still Alive Edit. Flaky - Crushed by manhole cover Cub - Impaled in the face by rocket Pop - Crushed by baby leash Nutty - Blown up in flying outhouse explosion Handy - Body shredded by the blades of fan Toothy - Hit by truck Truffles - Crushed by truck Lumpy - Impaled through back by baby tree/blood loss.

Cartoons: Happy Tree Friends fanfiction archive with over 2, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Lumpy (born September 9, ) is a character from the cartoon series Happy Tree Friends.

Lumpy is usually portrayed as a hero and an imbecile and he is quite friendly, but there are a few episodes where he had a villainous role.

Happy Tree Friends and all of the characters is a copyright of Mondo Media. This is a fanmade animation and is non-canon with the original series.

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Add a Comment. Flippy is a boss in happy tree friends: deadeye derby. Hes the second boss in the game, and he is fought in The lost regardbouddhiste.com defeated, you unlock regardbouddhiste.com is a small, green, soldier bear.

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