Loadout matchmaking problems

Published by Edge of Reality. Released January 31,

Loadout matchmaking problems

This issue was fixed with Update 2. This issue was fixed with Update 1. This issue is now fixed. Please contact the support if you receive this error. This issue is fixed. This issue was fixed.

Loadout matchmaking problems

The team is investigating this issue. PC - Some players have reported that the suppressor still affects the damage done by pistols, despite us having changed that in a previous patch.

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The team could not reproduce the issue. If this happen to you, please contact the support. X1 - Some players have reported they sometimes experience freezes when playing Ghost War.

The team is currently investigating this issue. If this still happen to you, please contact the support. This issue is now fixed, you can read all about our solution here: ALL - Some players reported seing a couple seconds of a weird animation of them falling through the map after every match.

This issue will be fixe in a next patch. The dev team will apply an early corrective patch as soon as possible. This issue was fixed with TU8.

This issue was fixed with TU9. FIXED - Some players have reported a rock which turns invisible when a player is revived on top of it. We are currently investigating the issue. This issue has been fixed. They would have to wait for the timer to run out.

This issue was fixed in TU8. The issue is now solved. Please contact the team if you encounter it again. This can be turned back on in the HUD options. This was fixed with Update 2. These skins are only available in the main game.

The menus were updated accordingly in TU9. ALL - Blur effect can transition towards the end round cinematic camera if the rounds ends when you are downed.

ALL - Some players have reported losing some parts of their HUD if they got flashbanged just at the end of the previous round.Oct 09,  · ONLINE & MATCHMAKING & FLOW Several issues can occur if multiple host migrations are performed during a match or the start of a match (Match Starting Screen).

Some players reported they cannot navigate in the loadout screen and select their class when joining a custom match in between rounds. This issue is now fixed. Loadout | Game Review A violent, entertaining and fair free-to-play shooter for Microsoft Windows and PS4.

Concept. Loadout’s gratuitous violence, fast paced action, and over the top humor makes for a great time killer- but where the game really shines is its immense weapon crafting system. Hey all, we're aware that some players are having problems logging in to the game or are being disconnected.

The team are currently investigating the cause to . The fourth Far Cry 5 update will go live on consoles next week, Ubisoft has announced. The patch is already live on PC. Full patch notes inside the article.

Guided Games tries to solve the problems of random matchmaking Destiny 2 ’s Guided Games feature is designed to correct these problems, and it partially succeeds.

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