Mirror writing and creativity

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Mirror writing and creativity

Put some thought into it, and you can design a home workspace that will encourage focus and creative thinking. When putting together your workspace at home, here are five factors to keep in mind to build the right space to stimulate your creative thinking.

Get some green in your sight line This should come as no surprise, but nature stimulates creative thinking. Taking a walk or going to the park for some fresh air will often help trigger some of your best ideas. But it turns out that you can get that creative boost indoors too.

A study out of the University of Munich found that the color green helps stimulate creative performance. Adding green touches to your workspace can happen in a number of ways.

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Incorporate plants into the workspace, sit near a window with a view of trees outside, or simply add touches of green to the color scheme of the space, such as a rug or lampshade.

A wood desk surface, for example, will provide a lower energy, less harsh workspace than a white laminate or metal desk. Again, this goes back to our instinctual love of nature.

Adding more natural elements to your workspace, like wood surfaces, wicker, and more curvilinear lines rather than harsh straight edges can help bring some of that calm into your space.

A task light like a desk lamp that aims soft light directly on your workspace will help you focus, and rein in your attention better than an overhead lamp that provides more ambient light, says Stewart. Daylight is also important to keep you energized and focused.

But this plays a role in creative work as well. If your back has to face the door for space reasons, consider hanging or positioning a mirror so that you can see behind you when needed without having to turn around. Would you want to be inside that artwork on your wall?

When deciding what art to hang in your space, think about what kinds of calming environments most put you at ease. Studies have shown that immersion in natural environments improves creative cognition.This item: TIENO Wine Glass Marker Metallic Pen Set mm Round Tip Creativity Writing on Glass, Mirror $ Only 10 left in stock - order soon.

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mirror writing and creativity

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