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Next, select the type of Ticket: Monthly Passes can only be purchased between the 20th of the preceding month to the 5th.

Mobile ticket

Mobile tickets are the most convenient and flexible way to manage tickets while increasing protection against fraud and creating a safe and secure environment for all fans.

Mobile ticket

What is the best way to access my tickets on my phone? Add tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Pay prior to game days and tickets will remain in wallet with or without a device connection if added more than 24 hours prior to game time.

Can I print my tickets from home? This year all tickets are fully digital and only accessible via your mobile device. Your phone is your ticket. We strongly recommend using the Official Memphis Grizzlies App.

If you Mobile ticket feel strongly against using the app, use a mobile or desktop browser to access grizzlies. The ticket recipient will need a Grizzlies Account Manager account to accept their tickets.

A regular Ticketmaster login will not work at the login screen to accept tickets. Once the tickets have been received the recipient will be sent to the Grizzlies Account Manager page powered by Ticketmaster.

If they already have a Grizzlies Account Manager account they can login.

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If they don't have an account they can click the link to create one. Just tell the person who received the transfer to go directly to the FedExForum Box Office and provide the staff with the name of the person who transferred the tickets.

They will also need to provide the box office attendant with a valid ID to receive the transfer. Can I use a screenshot of my ticket? What if I lose service or cannot connect to my Grizzlies Account? The Official Grizzlies App includes offline mode so once tickets have been added to your account, you will be able to access them regardless of internet connectivity.

To ensure seamless entry, we highly recommend downloading your tickets to your phone prior to arriving to the game. What if I transfer my tickets to the wrong person or email address?

Mobile ticket

You can easily reclaim tickets if they have not yet been accepted by a recipient by viewing the ticket and tapping Cancel Transfer.

You can send each member of your party a ticket individually by following the mobile transfer steps.On an event page tap “Price alert”. Select how many tickets, which zones and your max price per ticket. Tap “save”.

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Find out what users are saying about Mobile Ticket App. Read user Mobile Ticket App reviews, pricing information and what features it offers. Chicago mobile ticket app hits 1m downloads By Christopher Brown • 21 October • The Ventra mobile ticketing app introduced by Chicago’s Metra commuter rail service in November has been downloaded more than one million times and used by passengers to pay for more than US$m in fares.

Mobile Ticket Apps mission is to create the best buying experience for the retail buyers using mobile devices and to help the ticket industry connect with the buyers. Mobile ticketing is the safest and most convenient and flexible way to manage your tickets.

Mobile tickets provide: • Quick and easy entry to the stadium using your smartphone. TicketBiscuit includes the most intuitive mobile ticketing solution on the planet. No app required!

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