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Nocid business plan

The MET includes all of the communication and control nocid business plan necessary to support communications from a vehicle or fixed remote site using the resources of the satellite network system. The basic functional diagram of FIG. Baseband processing and RF electronics receive satellite communications responsive with low noise amplifier LNA and output signals for transmission using the diplexer of the antenna unit.

Baseband processing and RF electronics also outputs signals for use with beam steering antennas as will be discussed below. Advantageously, the mobile earth terminal is functional with antennas that are either steerable or nonsteerable. The baseline MET will have a low gain directional antenna in the antenna subsystem.

The satellite network system supports communications with METs using omnidirectional and higher gain directional antennas.

The user interface subsystem provides the user interfaces through which the user has access to the services supported by the satellite network system. Depending on the service s the MET will be equipped with nocid business plan or more of the devices or ports.

The transceiver subsystem consists of a receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter accepts voice, data, fax and signaling signals and converts them to a modulated RF signal.

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The transmit RF signal is routed to the antenna subsystem. The transmitter typically consists of the high power amplifier HPAthe upconverter with its associated frequency synthesizer, the modulators and the modules for voice, Fax, or data encoding, multiplexing, scrambling, FEC encoding, interleaving and frame formatting.

The receiver accepts modulated RF signals from the antenna subsystem and converts them into voice, data, fax or signaling signals as appropriate. The voice, data and fax signals are routed to the user interface subsystem. The receiver typically consists of the downconverter with its associated frequency synthesizer, the demodulator, and the modules for frame de-formatting, de-interleaving, FEC decoding, descrambling, demultiplexing and voice, Fax, or data decoding.

The transceiver communicates over one channel in each direction at any one time.

nocid business plan

Thus, the transceiver subsystem will typically consist of only one receiver and one transmitter. However, the MET may also incorporate a pilot receiver for antennas and frequency tracking purposes, or a complete receiver dedicated to the continuous reception of the signaling channel from the Group Controller.

The antenna subsystem provides the MET interface to the satellite network and is responsible for receiving the RF signal from the satellite and transmitting the RF signal generated by the MET towards the satellite.

The subsystem typically includes an antenna which may be either directional or omnidirectional, a diplexer, a low noise amplifier LNAan optional beam steering unit BSU if a directional antenna is used, a device such as a compass or an inertial sensor for the determination of the orientation of the vehicle, and an antenna for the position determination receiver.

The logic and signaling subsystem acts as the central controller for the MET. Its basic functions are to initialize the MET by performing a self test at power up and control, based on a resident system table, the acquisition of one of the METs assigned outbound signaling channels from which updated system information and commands and messages from the GC are derived.

nocid business plan

The logic and signaling subsystem sets up and configures the transceiver for the reception and transmission of voice, data, fax or signaling messages as appropriate.

The logic and signaling subsystem also interprets the commands received from the local user via the user interface subsystem e. The logic signaling system also controls the beam steering unit if any in the antenna subsystem, and monitors and tests all the other subsystems. In case of fault detection, it informs the user about the failure and take the appropriate measures needed to prevent harmful interference to the satellite network or other system.

The power supply subsystem provides power to all other subsystems. The external voltage source to which this subsystem interfaces depends on the type of vehicle on which the MET is mounted e. A standard receiver such as a GPS or a Loran-C receiver is also provided for the determination of the position of the vehicle.

This information is used by the logic and signaling subsystem for beam steering if used or for applications such as position reporting. The position determination system is implemented externally to the MET and interfaced through a dedicated data port in the user interface subsystem.

The function of the Remote Monitor System is to continuously monitor the activity on each GC-S channel and to monitor the activity within the downlink L-band spectrum in the beam in which it is located.

An RMS will be located in every beam carrying satellite network traffic. Advantageously, the MET combines three different features for the delivery and transmission of voice and data. These three features include: The following documents, representing applicable transmission protocols, are hereby incorporated by reference: The MSS signaling system provides the communications capability between network elements required to set up and release communications circuits, provide additional enhanced services, and support certain network management functions.

The seven different channel types are: The SU consists of 96 bits organized in 12 octets of 8 bits each. The SU itself may take a variety of forms, depending on its use.The meta description for is missing.

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