Ofdm thesis 2004

Cooperative mimo phd thesis proposal. Fading effect in wireless funnel is enhanced by using multi-input multi- output MIMO plan in sensor network [2, 3].

Ofdm thesis 2004

N-1 …… 6 2. N-1, are uniformly inserted into X k. In each group, the first subcarrier is used to transmit the pilot signal. In comb-type pilot aided OFDM System, channel state information can be estimated by sending a sequence of pilot symbols.

Generally, the process of comb-type pilot aided OFDM channel estimation has two major steps: However, the computational complexity grows as the order is increased.


A piecewise second-order polynomial interpolation can be implemented as a linear time-invariant FIR filter. So the channel estimation for the first four data symbols of the first OFDM symbols is obtained using two pilot symbols as for the LI method.

Estimation is done by obtaining polynomial coefficients using four adjacent reference signals and their second order derivatives.

A channel estimate for the data symbols between pilot symbols can then be obtained using these polynomials.

This method also interpolates such that the mean-square error between the interpolated points and their ideal values is minimized.

Taking the IDFT [16] of the channel estimate: After estimating the fading distortion due to the interpolation filter, this estimated channel transfer function is then transformed into the time domain by using IFFT.

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As a result, this transformed estimate can be regarded as the CIR and separated into two parts. The second part, which is outside the GI, is regarded as the noise components.

Therefore zero values instead of noise components are inserted for the IFFT processing. As a result, the original transformed estimate within the GI plus these zero values are then transformed once more in the FD using an FFT to obtain a final CIR estimate without noise components.

Least Square Estimation in Comb type Figure8. Minimum Mean Square Error in block type Figure. Comparison between LS and LMS in Comb Type Figure 11 shows the comparison between least square estimation and least mean square in case of comb channel estimation.

Design and analysis of UW-OFDM signals - ScienceDirect

Low bit error rate means there will be less numbers of errors. As seen in the graph the DFT based interpolation has low bit error rate. The best to worse interpolation as: Implementation of different interpolation using QPSK Figure 13 shows the implementation of different interpolation i.

DFT based interpolation, Low pass interpolation, Cubic Spline interpolation, second order interpolation and linear interpolation using QPSK modulation as seen in the graph the DFT based interpolation has low bit error rate.

COFDM Simulation - File Exchange - MATLAB Central Show full item record Abstract This research implements an estimation scheme for a Space-Time OFDM system over a fading channel and evaluates the performance of the receiver using this scheme. The channel estimation problem for ST-OFDM is complex as the receiver sees a superposition of distorted signals from each transmit antenna.

Implementation of different interpolation using 16QAM Figure 14 shows the implementation of different interpolation ie DFT based interpolation, Low pass interpolation, Cubic Spline interpolation, second order interpolation and linear interpolation using 16QAM modulation.

From the simulation results, it has been clear that if the length of the guard interval is chosen properly, then OFDM system exhibits robustness against multipath propagation, eliminates ISI and can be used for transmission at higher data rates.

Ofdm thesis 2004

Simulation results also concluded that comb-type pilot based channel estimation with DFT interpolation performs the best among all other comb based channel estimation algorithms.

Tardif"Wideband Measurements of Channel Characteristics at 2,4 and 5. Van Nee and R. Van de Beek, S.

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Purnea, Bihar India on 15th, April Keshav Kumar is pursuing his Master of Technology in the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering under the supervision of Mr.

Keshav Kumar received his B. The author place of birth is Ferozepur, Punjab, India on 27th, September The author received his M. His area of interest includes signal processing, MIMO systems, Wireless mobile communications, High speed digital communications and 4G Wireless communications.UNLV Theses, Dissertations, Professional Papers, and Capstones Low power FFT processor design considerations for OFDM communications David Layne Rushforth.

The IEEE e design challenges the current 3G technology suppliers based on the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) base technology implemented in , the e is devised to provide more sub-frequencies than the ODFDM FFT.

Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a special case of multicarrier transmission and This thesis investigates the performance of various modulation An initiative Guide of OFDM, [4] Vandana B Malode & Bhagwat P Patil, “BER Performance of LBC Coded OFDM in different channels”, IEEE Control and System.

Ofdm thesis 2004

Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the May 3rd, Blacksburg, VA Keywords: Ultra-Wideband, Impulse Radio, Multiband-OFDM, Medium Access Control, CSMA, CDMA. ii MAC and Physical Layer Design for Ultra-Wideband technique is based on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing.

Both. A MISO systems and MIMO systems are schematized using MDDM which incorporated with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). OFDM is chosen over a single-carrier solution due to lower complexity of equalizers for high delay spread channels or high data rates.

Abstract This thesis details the development of an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) reference design system based off of the IEEE

Pilot Channel Estimation A Performance Analysis of OFDM