Personal essays for college admission examples of classical conditioning

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Personal essays for college admission examples of classical conditioning

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Classical Conditioning Essay Sample Classical conditioning also Pavlovian or respondent conditioning is a process of behavior modification made famous by Ivan Pavlov and his experiments conducted with dogs.

In this process, a subject comes to respond in a desired manner to a previously neutral stimulus, by associating it with an unconditioned stimulus that elicits the desired response.

Classical conditioning became the basis for a theory of how organisms learn, and a philosophy of psychology developed by John B. Learning theory grew into the foundation of Behaviorism, a school of psychology that had great societal influence in the midth century.

Classical conditioning occurs when a conditioned stimulus is paired with an unconditioned stimulus.

personal essays for college admission examples of classical conditioning

Usually, the conditioned stimulus CS is a neutral stimulus e. After pairing is repeated some learning may occur already after only one pairingthe organism exhibits a conditioned response CR to the conditioned stimulus when the conditioned stimulus is presented alone.

The conditioned response is usually similar to the unconditioned response see belowbut unlike the unconditioned response, it must be acquired through experience and is relatively impermanent. The conditioned response usually differs in some way from the unconditioned response, sometimes significantly.

For this and other reasons, learning theorists commonly suggest that the conditioned stimulus comes to signal or predict the unconditioned stimulus, and go on to analyze the consequences of this signal.

As often happens, luck, keen observation, and serendipity making important discoveries by accident led to this important scientific discovery.

Then they placed meat powder in their mouths, which naturally produces salivation. After doing this for a while, Pavlov noticed that the dogs would begin to salivate even before the meat powder was presented, when the laboratory technician who fed them prepared the apparatus to collect their saliva.

It was as though the sounds of the technician manipulating the apparatus signaled to the dogs that meat powder was about to come Fancher, Pavlov guessed that the dogs had formed an association between the sounds of the apparatus and the meat powder, just as our cats formed an association between the sounds of a drawer opening and being fed.

Pavlov reasoned that the dogs had formed an association between a stimulus that had no inherent food value the sound of the apparatus and one that did the meat powder.

Could he teach a dog to salivate to something else? He designed a laboratory experiment that mimicked the conditions in which the dogs salivated to sounds made by the technician. Working with different dogs, Pavlov presented a neutral stimulus a bell sound just before showing them the meat powder.

The dogs had no previous experience with the bell, but they salivated to the meat powder, because dogs always salivate to meat powder, from the first time they smell it. Salivation is a reflex, an automatic response to a particular stimulus food that requires no learning.

Pavlov presented the bell along with the meat powder to the dogs over and over again. Then he tried presenting the bell alone to see if the dogs might now link the bell with the meat powder in the way the first dogs linked the noise of the apparatus with the meat powder. The dogs salivated to the bell alone.

The dogs had learned that they would get meat powder after the bell sounded. For example, while a child rides in a car over a dilapidated bridge, his father makes jokes about the bridge collapsing and all of them falling into the river below. The father finds this funny and so decides to do it whenever they cross the bridge.

Years later, the child has grown up and now is afraid to drive over any bridge. In this case, the fear of one bridge generalized to all bridges which now evoke fear. The approach is to link an attractive US with a CS the product being sold so the consumer will feel positively toward the product just like they do with the US.

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Not a result from engaging in goal directed behavior. AIM The aim is to study classical conditioning in athletes b observing whether reaction times change with increased exposure to stimulus.

There were 4 boys and 1 girl. Each participant was welcomed to the swimming pool. After all subjects were warmed up, each subject was asked to swim 25m of freestyle.

The participants were familiar with this method of being given a start.A Study On Classical Conditioning Psychology Essay. Print Reference this and explaining them with real-life examples.

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