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Click on a test event row to view detailed score information for that test event. Clicking on from any report will take you back to the test history page. STAAR and EOC Once a user selects a test event from the test history page, they will be directed to the detailed student report for that test event.

In this example, the student scored on a scale that has as the lowest score and as the highest score.


The student Masters the grade level measure for performance. The student also scored in the th Percentile and demonstrated Accelerated Progress. Performance Levels forward: Masters — Mastery of the course knowledge and skills is shown — student is on-track for college and career readiness.

Meets — Strong knowledge of course content — student is prepared to progress to the next grade. Approaches — Some knowledge of course content, but may be missing critical elements — student needs additional support in the coming year.

Achieving Approaches means your child has passed the assessment. Did not Meet — No basic understanding of course expectations is shown — student may need significant support in the coming year.

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The student's scale score is compared to the Campus, District and State averages for the same test. In the example above, the student scored above the district and state averages. The STAAR progress measure is based on a comparison of the student's score last year with his or her score this year.

This measure gives you information about how much the student improved from one year to the next.

Student portal

This progress measure gives you information about whether the student's progress in acquiring on-grade level academic skills is reasonable based on his or her English proficiency and schooling. The student's current year within his or her ELL progress measure plan is also provided.

Reporting Categories The Reporting Category Results section lists the reporting categories tested in the selected assessment.

Reporting Categories Displaying Item Information: For STAAR mathematics, science, and social studies assessments, the number of items answered correctly comported to the total number of items for each reporting category is displayed preceding a blue bar that indicates the percentage correct of items for each reporting category.

The student answered a total of 67 items correctly out of 68 items across reporting categories. Reporting Categories Displaying Point Information: For STAAR writing, reading, and English assessments, total points earned compared to the total possible points is displayed preceding a blue bar that indicates the percentage of points earned for each reporting category.

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Lexile measures and history are displayed with a student's Reading and English test results. Quantile measures and history are displayed with a student's Math and Algebra test result.Welcome to the Ashford University Student Portal.

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Store your bookmarks on the web for easy access anywhere Share your links with guests through a read-only url Add links for use through a school year, but only show students the links currently being studied. Student Services will close at 5pm EST on Wednesday 11/21 and will reopen Monday 11/26 at am EST.

For assistance, you can always create a support ticket from your student portal. Login. WARNING: This system contains information that is the property of Ashford University and is for authorized use only. Unauthorized access is prohibited. Learn about Parent Portal.

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Watch a video explaining the benefits of Parent Portal. (Video en español) What parents are saying “I use my Parent Portal mostly to track my student’s attendance and grades. Knowing she needs help before the end of the grading period is essential.”. - A full-featured web based gradebook, easily manage grades and assignments online. can interface with your schools student management software. Parents have secure access to upcoming homework assignments and their child’s grades.

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