The stains behind the colorful world of disney

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The stains behind the colorful world of disney

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Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color was a television series that ran from to It was the first appearance of Professor Ludwig Von Drake.

Contents [ show ] Overview The Walt Disney anthology television series moved to NBC on September 24, to take advantage of that network's ability to broadcast in color.

In addition, Walt Disney's relationship with ABC had soured as the network resisted selling its stake in the theme park before doing so in In a display of foresight, Disney had filmed many of the earlier shows in color, so they were able to be repeated on NBC, and since most of Disney's feature-length films were also made in color, they could now also be telecast in that format.

The stains behind the colorful world of disney

To emphasize the new feature, the series was re-dubbed, "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color", which premiered in September ofand retained that moniker until The first NBC episode even dealt with the principles of color, as explained by a new character named Ludwig Von Drake voiced by Paul Freesa bumbling professor with a thick German accent, and uncle of Donald Duck.

Von Drake was the first Disney character created specifically for television. Walt Disney died on December 15,twelve years after the anthology series premiered.

The stains behind the colorful world of disney the broadcast three days after his death had a memorial tribute from NBC news anchor Chet Huntley with film and TV star Dick Van Dykethe intros Walt already filmed before his death continued to air for the rest of the season.

After that, the studio decided that Walt's persona as host was such a key part of the show's appeal to viewers that the host segment was dropped. The series, re-titled, '"The Wonderful World of Disney"', in Septembercontinued to get solid ratings, often in the Top 20, until the mids.

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Format The original format consisted of a balance of theatrical cartoons, live-action features, and informational material. Much of the original informational material was to create awareness for Disneyland. In spite of being essentially ads for the park, entertainment value was emphasized as well to make the shows palatable.

Some informational shows were made to promote upcoming studio feature films such as 20, Leagues Under the Sea and Darby O'Gill and the Little People. Some programs focused on the art and technology of animation itself. Later original programs consisted of dramatizations of other historical figures and legends along the lines of the Davy Crockett mini-series.

Fremont, and Gregg Palmer as mountain man Jim Bridger. Also included were nature and animal programs similar to the True-Life Adventures released in theaters, as well as various dramatic installments which were either one part or two, but sometimes more.

Each week, after the opening titles that showed the entrance to Disneyland itself, and the four main sections of Disneyland, and their descriptive slogans -- Fantasy Land "the happiest kingdom of them all"Frontier Land "tall tales and true, from the legendary past"Adventure Land, and Tomorrow Land -- one of these lands was identified as the main feature of that evening's program.

But it was also possible to present a documentary on "The Making of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" as a topic for "Adventure Land", including only snippets from the actual film. There was much adventure, indeed, in developing working versions of Jules Verne's diving suits, and devising effective ways of filming actors under water, in real tropical seas.

The creation of a working model of the giant squid was similarly adventurous, as well as an anticipation of Disney's later animatronics! Topics for "Fantasy Land" could include actual cartoons, and animated films, as well as documentaries on "The Making of This might also include snippets from a "True-Life Adventure" documentary on the life and works of beavers and their dam-building.

The use of stroboscopic stop-action photography, such as investigating what really happened when a rain-drop fell in a puddle, might appear, as part of a "Fantasy Land" episode, explaining the techniques of cartoon animation.

The multi-plane camera used to create the three-dimensional effects of Bambi was another "Fantasy Land" topic. In one episode, four different artists were given the task of drawing the same tree. Each artist used his own preferred ways of drawing, and of imagining a tree.

This led to cartoon examples of differently animated trees, as in some of the early Silly Symphoniesand later full-length animated films. This format remained basically unchanged through the s, though new material was scarce in later years.

When the show was revived inthe format was similar to a movie-of-the-week, with family-oriented TV movies from the studio making up much of the material.May 13,  · This is the story behind the story of how a theme park made Orlando, Florida the nation s number one vacation destination.

Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes - The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is the first in the family of Disney Parks that now span the entire globe. Jun 04,  · Premiering on May 22, , as part of the Disneyland Resort's 60th Anniversary celebration, the World of Color show was changed to World of Color – Celebrate!

The Wonderful World of Walt Disney.

The stains behind the colorful world of disney

Dedicated to Walt Disney 's legacy, this special edition of the show is hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse (Bret Park: Disney California Adventure. Apr 18,  · Welcome to the Pandora: The World of Avatar information thread! [ATTACH] This thread will be all about the new land within Disney's Animal Kingdom.

7 Awesome Things About the Backstage Magic Tour at Disney World Posted by: Paula Kennedy in Around the World, Special Experiences & Entertainment Official tours are a fantastic way to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at Walt Disney World. Get a backstage look at Aladdin on Broadway and the vibrant color and intricate costume detailing that go into the magical performance.

Popular Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color & Walt Disney videos Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: Welcome to the World by Walt Disney Presents: Behind the Scenes of .

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