Writing a letter to a friend in rehab

If you file this in a drawer it's venting and healing.

Writing a letter to a friend in rehab

If you hand that to another human being as they enter rehab then my question would be whether you want them to hurt or be tortured?

writing a letter to a friend in rehab

I think it is self indulgent and cruel - fine for the drawer but not for a person. Some will angrily refute that and say that alcoholics get what they deserve so why not let them take abuse I made some comments, take what you like and leave the rest.

John- If you are reading this now it means you have checked yourself into a rehab and are hopefully on your way to recovery. On your way to getting yourself back and mending your relationship with your son. Fine so far Quote: So much has happened and all so fast I think I am still in shock.

The pain that you have caused me is unreal. I feel like you died because of how utterly different you had become. Drugs turned you into a monster.

writing a letter to a friend in rehab

The worst and most hurtful by far is the thought of you listening to that recording of me and laughing. How could you think my pain was funny? I have been doing a lot of research on addicts and being in a relationship with one and the stuff I have found has taught me a lot. I know that you are angry with me and that you blame me for the choices you made.

Love and Forgiveness

The fault will always lie with you because you were the one who did drugs. Who continued to lie and tried to manipulate everyone around you to your benefit.

So that you could pursue the only relationsip that was important to you, your relationship with drugs. There is nothing I could have said or done differently that would have changed your actions. You do not know if he is angry and blaming you as he reads this.

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To say that the fault lies entirely with him for eternity is just not rational. He owns his mistakes, you own yours. Then you go on to read his mind again to say that the only thing that mattered to him was drugs. So maybe you will get angry at this but maybe you will think it over.

When you assign motives or thoughts or feelings to another person in a way that makes them the bad guy you are engaging in verbal abuse. You are dead on that nothing you could do would change his addiction Quote: The things I have read have also taught me that all addicts are liars and their all pretty good at it too.

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Because apart of them believes what they are saying or can justify why they are saying it. I understand now that you do have a disease.

After seeing yuo flip the switch on your personalty like that I know now you must be sick. But I am not a docotor. You are not a doctor but you got that scalpel in there calling him sick Quote: Alanon says all I can do is take care of myself and better myself.

The the forgiveness, sympathy and love I was trying to show you only validated that it was okay for you to use drugs. Al anon did not teach that you are blameless or that shaming and blaming an addict entering recovery is helpful.

Forgiveness, sympathy and love are not wrong, allowing yourself to enable is. I have also learned that I may suffer from co-dependency issues which is why it has been so hard for to accept the end of us even though I know us together is only pain.

It made me feel so desperate to think that we would never hold eachother again or that we would never be able to go back to the way things were. So i clung on with all that I had to the point of making myself physically ill. I have been in serious denial and honestly part of me still is.

But between your addiction an dmy co-dependency we are a recipe for disaster.Apr 22,  · My best friend has finally decided to go to rehab after years of drug and alcohol abuse.

He has been given an assignment to present a few letters written by his friends talking about how his use of drugs and alcohol has affected all of regardbouddhiste.com: Resolved. There are a number of reasons why writing out your thoughts and feelings in the form of a letter prior to an intervention may be effective in helping your addicted loved .

Writing a letter to a person who is in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program can be an awkward experience if you're not sure what approach to take. Conversely, with a little guidance, the letters can serve as a reminder to the person in rehabilitation – usually called "rehab" – that he's loved and missed.

One of my best friends has just started rehab for alcoholism. There are some other complicating factors (BiPolar Disorder) and, I think, this will first actual day rehab. Follow these steps in order to write an appropriate letter to someone struggling through the rehab process.

Decide what you really need to say to the person in rehab. If it's negative or angry, consider whether you can wait until the person is further into recovery.

Whether it’s a letter to dad, an intervention letter to a friend, or to your spouse, there are things to keep in mind.

A set standard of intervention things to say will help the .

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