Writing adblock plus filters

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Writing adblock plus filters

November 06, - 28 comments Adblock Plus, the -- by far -- most popular browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser, has been released as a WebExtension. Firefox 57 will be released in eight days to the stable channel. The new version of the Firefox web browser breaks the traditional add-on system by supporting WebExtensions exclusively.

writing adblock plus filters

Mozilla will move legacy add-ons to a new section on about: You find all disabled legacy add-ons listed there, and an option to find a replacement for each add-on.

One reason for that is that there are legacy add-ons for which no comparable WebExtension extension exists. It has more than 14 million users according to Mozilla; the second placed add-on, uBlock Origin, has 4.

It would be disastrous for Mozilla but also for the company behind Adblock Plus if a WebExtension version would not be available before the release of Firefox Mozilla would be painted in a bad light if the most popular extension for Firefox would not function anymore in Firefox 57; and the developer of Adblock Plus would likely lose a huge part of the user base, as users would migrate to other content blocking solutions for the Firefox web browser.

The release of Adblock Plus 3. The browser extension is based on WebExtensions which means that it is fully compatible with Firefox 57 and newer versions of the web browser. As far as positive things are concerned: Performance issues in Adblock Plus 2. The element hiding emulation syntax is supported by the Firefox extension.

Firefox users may block WebRTC connections. The following issues and changes are introduced: The icon displays the number of blocked ads. The tooltip is replaced by this.

Users may disable this in the options. The toolbar icon opens a popup, and no longer a native menu. The options page is a web page and not a native dialog anymore; it lacks functionality which the development team plans to add in future versions.

Block element offers less assistance, and may not work under certain circumstances.

I sometimes want Adblock Plus to be disabled. How can I do this most easily?

Closing words The release of the WebExtensions version of Adblock Plus adds another popular -- the most popular in this case -- add-on to the list of compatible browser extensions.Adblock Plus & Google Chrome Problem I'm having problem with pictures that aren't showing up when looking at my timeline or a group I'm involved in on facebook.

Everytime I go to look at something the area is blank. Cloaking your blog's affiliate links will maximize their earning potential and save you a lot of hassle managing them. NoScript for Firefox pre-emptively blocks malicious scripts and allows JavaScript, Java and other potentially dangerous content only from sites you trust.

Download it now for free! - faq. In just eight years, Gmail went from being nothing, to being the most-used email service in the entire world.

As of , it had over million active users, and as of , it became the first Google Play Store app to smash through the one-billion-installations record.

Adblock Plus (ABP) is an open-source content-filtering and ad blocking extension developed by Eyeo GmbH (Wladimir Palant), a German software development company.

The extension has been released for Mozilla Firefox (including Firefox for mobile), Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge (beta version), Opera, Safari, Yandex Browser, and Android..

In , AdBlock Plus and Eyeo attracted. Software is the backbone of any computer setup.

writing adblock plus filters

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